Don’t give up, people will acknowledge you.
Be persistent, people will follow you.
Stubbornly chase your dream, people will help you realize it.

Stand up

“The one who stands up, becomes visible.”


While reading the book on Buddha by Osamu Tezuka I came across many wonderful thoughts I never had before. One of them is the concept of Avatar or rebirth or next life. What if I say we have been believing it in a wrong way.

Every living being dies, but it doesn’t die in vain. It dies and then the body rots or gets eaten by other animal and finally gets dissolved in the nature. For example, consider a deer. The deer gets killed by a lion. The deer gets killed but the lion gets life. Now the deer or the soul of the deer has become part of the life that lion is living. That deer has now become the lion. Next if that lion dies and vultures eat its body then the next avatar of the lion is vulture. In essence this life form keeps on changing and hence the avatars.

Some of you may think that you don’t want to be a bug in your next life. So to say if you are a bug now, then you will be a bird next, then you will a human next. If you understand simple biology then you can easily derive that all life forms are dependent on each other and hence must not hate each other. This nature is our mother and we are brothers and sisters.

Disclaimer: You need not to believe in what I say.